Angie Pantelidis’ 20 Favourite Books for Young People

Please read and comment on any of the books that you’ve read. Be honest, be controversial, and share your thoughts!

Here they are:

1.      A Patch of Blue Elizabeth Kata
A lonely, young blind girl from a poor and dysfunctional, racist family falls in love with someone who finally pays her all the attention she needs… but she does not know that he is black. I read this book over and over again when I was about fifteen.

2.      To Sir With Love – E.R Braithwaite
The film is great, the song is greater and haunting but the book is the greatest… read it, you’ll love it.

3.      Wuthering Heights – Emily  Bronte
My favourite… how could I have loved Heathcliff so much when I was young!!!  The last time I read it, he fascinated me and I felt sorry for him; but I realised he is so cruel!!!

4.      To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
My most favourite book…




2 Responses to “Angie Pantelidis’ 20 Favourite Books for Young People”

  1. alforge Says:

    That’s nice Angie, but WHY do you love To Kill a Mockingbird so much? What’s so good about it. Sounds boring to me…

  2. alforge Says:

    Hey Al, everyone knows it’s a great book. What are you talking about?

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