Welcome to the Book Cafe

Welcome to PGSC’s Book Cafe. A place where you can hang out, blog about books, post reviews and enjoy yourself. Before you can start contributing, please contact Judith in the library for an invitation and state whether or not you currently have a WordPress account…






One Response to “Welcome to the Book Cafe”

  1. angie pantelidis Says:

    I’ve just finished reading two books, ‘The Complaints’ Ian Rankin and ‘The Dancer Upstairs’ by Nicholas Shakespeare. “The dancer Upstairs’ was fabulous. Set in South America, (Peru), the story is about a policeman who sets out to capture a guerilla leader. As he narrates the details of the manhunt, he also delves into the psyche of the followers, a steaming romance, an unhappy marriage, ideals, ideologies and more… The writing is superb- detailed description, fascinating charactrisation.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it and ca n’t help going back and re reading sections.

    As for the other book, ‘The complaints’- all i can say is that its a good read but not really my style. Too fast paced and action packed, without th eintricate detail that is needed to bring characters to life…

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