This charming man by Marian Keyes



A funny yet moving mega novel from the wonderful Irish author Marian Keyes!

Lola, Grace, Marnie and Alicia all have ties with the irresistible and oh-so-charming Paddy de Courcy. Lola has been dumped by Paddy; Grace the journalist has been used by him; Marnie was his girlfriend when they were teenagers and Alicia is now his wife. Gradually we find out the full story of ‘this charming man’ and what he is capable of.

Alternately told in the first person by Lola (whose adventures with the locals in the west of Ireland and the (sometimes) dreamy Rosa Consadine are hilarious) who uses a abbreviations when writing; the first person by hard as nails but lovely journo Grace and the third person by the suffering Marnie and the abominable Alicia This charming man is an excellent read taking you from laughter to tears and back again.


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