Point Blanc graphic novel by Anthony Horowitz



This is the second graphic novel based on the Alex Rider books to be produced. Again Alex is required to be sent into the field by MI6 and somewhat reluctantly, he agrees. This time Alex is sent to a ‘Finishing School’ in Europe entitled Point Blanc. Mystery surrounds the deaths of two of the students’ high profile parents and Alex goes undercover as a spoilt brat who was expelled from Eton.


As in the novel of Point Blanc, the action is non-stop and begins from the very first page. The title page and publishing details come at the end of what would be chapter 1.The characterisation is excellent; Alex is depicted as an ‘every boy’, Mrs Stellenbosch and Dr Grief are suitably drawn. The use of colours is appropriate and add to the urgency of the action.


The graphic novel is true to the original text; the captions are mostly direct quotes from the novel. Some scenes have been removed (such as those with Fiona) but their removal do not impact negatively on the graphic novel.


Many of the students I asked about Point Blanc: the graphic novel had already read the novel but were still suitably enthusiastic about this version of the story. Anthony Horowitz has a dedicated core of fans who will follow everything that is published in his name. Hopefully other children/young adults who have not yet read the Alex Rider novels will be entranced by the graphic novel version and want to encounter the full-length text


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