Mimus by Lilli Thal



Translated from German, Mimus is an incredible rollicking and gripping tale set in imaginary lands in the Middle Ages. Crown Prince Florin and his father King Philip of Moltovia are unwittingly captured by the forces of King Theodo of Vinland.

 Florin is given to the court jester, Mimus to learn how to be a jester. Florin is livid, but his pride soon gives way to his hunger and his fears about his father; for if Florin misbehaves or tries to escape, it is his father who is physically punished.

 Over time, Florin learns his new trade and Mimus shows some compassion to the former prince. But is it enough for Florin to count on? Will Mimus help him escape a certain death, or will the wily old jester only worry about himself?

 This is a fantastic book that fits in very well with the new VELS in Victoria at least. This book could be studied at year 8 (or wherever in secondary schooling that students study Middle Ages).  It should be studied in conjunction with humanities as Mimus gives students a real insight into how life was lived, for both the upper and lower classes in medieval times.  

 Mimus is well written story that could not fail to engage students.


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