Mahtab’s story by Libby Gleeson



This is an inspiring and emotional story based on real life events.

 Mahtab and her family live in Afghanistan. Life is no longer free and fun as the Taliban increase their power over the Afghani people. One night when Mahtab’s granddad does not return home, Mahtab’s parents make the decision to flee Afghanistan and try to make it all the way to the far off and much dreamed about Australia.

 A nail-biting, long and difficult journey faces the family. Mahtab, her mother and her brother and sister must remain hidden in the truck that is their escape vehicle. Bribes for border guards are only part of the frightening journey. Each time the truck stops, there is the fear that they truck may be searched; the children must be silent and still.

 On arrival in Pakistan, Mahtab’s father goes on ahead to Australia. But after almost a year without word of his safe arrival, Mahtab convinces her mother that they must follow him to Australia immediately. A nightmare journey including false passports, leaky overloaded boats and detention centres follows. Will it be a happy ending for Mahtab and her family? Will they be reunited with her father or will they be deported from Australia as they have been labeled ‘queue jumpers’?

 A wonderfully engaging and moving novel that grips the reader from the first page to the last.


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