Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli



It was eight years ago that we first met  Stargirl. In Stargirl, the story was told through the eyes of Leo, student at Arizona’s Mica High. He and the other students were surprised and amazed at the new girl (and her name), who had been previously home schooled. Stargirl’s warmth, caring and individuality was her strength, but ultimately Leo and the cohort at Mica High made her lack of her downfall.

 In this long-awaited sequel, Love, Stargirl, Stargirl is now the narrator. She has moved interstate to Pennsylvania and is back in home school. The story is written as one year-long letter to Leo, who it is clear despite his betrayal of her, Stargirl is still madly in love with.

 Stargirl has changed in some ways and not in others. She is still caring and warm and of course, different. But now she seems a little more guarded and not so impetuous or impulsive. She still manages to reach out to people who are hurting, even though she herself is suffering. Her creative ways of healing eventually leads to her own healing.

 With a cast of wacky but interesting characters, Love Stargirl, in written in the conversational style of a year long letter/diary. The plot moves slowly but firmly towards the resolution, but is it the one that we are all hoping for? 

 Although I loved meeting up with Stargirl again, I did feel that the sequel was not as strong as the original book. Saying that though, Stargirl was an incredible book and Love, Stargirl is still very good. Recommended.


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