Love Shelley by Kate Seksana



Love, Shelley is 10 months in the life of a 14 year old girl living in London.  With an alcoholic mother, a new school, a father that has a new wife and baby, Shelley’s is doing it hard.  She decides to write to Ziggy, the lead singer of the band Arctic Zoo.  She tells Ziggy in letters she sends twice a month, about her life.  Ziggy sends her a postcard back every time, with a short message to cheer her up and keep her going.  Fortnight by fortnight, the reader discovers more and more about Shelley and the life that she has to endure.  As time goes on, Ziggy’s messages become more and more important to Shelley.  It is clear by his responses that Ziggy does read her lengthy letters and his support of her through the good times and the bad is very helpful to her. 

 We see Shelley find friends, a boyfriend and support from family.  She grows in responsibility towards her little brother Jake and her mother, who tries to be a good mother, but her addiction to alcohol sometimes is more powerful than the instinct to be a good mother.

 When it appears that Shelley may be excluded (expelled) from school after she was set up by some bullying girls, her father goes to extreme lengths, not only to prove his daughter’s innocence, but to demonstrate to her that even though he doesn’t love with her, Shelley is very important to him. 

 It seems that Love, Shelley might have a happy ending, but will bullying Janice let Shelley be free?

 Love, Shelley is a nice, easy to read book that I am sure will appeal to those in year 7 and above.


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