Life and times of Gracie Faltrain by Cath Crowley



This is the Australian answer to Bend it like Beckham.  Gracie just wants to play soccer.  She always has and she probably always will.  It means so much to her that sometimes she gets a bit selfish and forgets to pass the ball to the other players in her team.  This makes the other members want to dump her from the team.  One of the other reasons they probably want to dump her is that she is a girl.  On the boys team.

 The novel also deals with issues such as bullying, single parent families, divorce and the struggle of growing up gracefully (or at least without your undies tucked into your school dress!)

 Written in the first person from the point of view of lots of different characters (at least 15), The life and times of Gracie Faltrain keeps the action moving.  It is nice to see events from several points of view, however, I think that there are just a few too many voices used in the novel.  I do like the varying length of the chapters, with many that are less than a page.  It makes for quick and easy reading and the text is not in the least bit intimidating.


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