It’s not all about you, Calma!



It’s Not All About YOU, Calma! is the hilarious sequel to The Whole Business With Kiffo and the Pitbull. Calma is in trouble again and she again uses her intelligence and investigative skills to solve two mysteries, with very different outcomes to the investigation involved in The Whole Business With Kiffo and the Pitbull. This time, the reader finds Calma in love and having to deal with some big issues, including the return of her father and her mother having a relationship.


The reader is introduced by Calma to the concept of an unreliable narrator, however, I found this to be an endearing way of getting to know Calma better and seeing things from her perspective.


The writing is again inventive, laugh-out-loud funny, original, cynical and absolutely brilliant.  Written in the first person, I am not sure how author Barry Jonsberg has got so well and truly inside the head of a teenage girl, but however he does it, the results are remarkable. These two books are some of the best young adult literature that I have had the privilege to read in some time.


Calma is led through poetry writing by her brilliant new English teacher and as such could be used in class as part of studying this text: Sonics, iambic tetrameter, free verse, and improvisation are some of the aspects of poetry that could be studied.  The concept of an unreliable narrator could also be studied.


These titles are for older readers.


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