Gracie Faltrain takes control



Gracie Faltrain takes control is the sequel to The life and times of Gracie Faltrain. This time we see Gracie struggling with discrimination, relationships and the foibles of her personality.


Gracie’s school soccer team is now good enough to play in the ‘firsts’. This means that the grand final will be televised and soccer scouts for the state team will be watching. It’s make or break time for the whole team, but for Gracie in particular. For more than one reason. Of course soccer is in Gracie’s blood. But there are other more important things at stake, like friendships and relationships.


Written in the first person, Gracie can be a trial at times. She can be arrogant and thoughtless, but it is her fall from grace with three of her friends that really connects with the reader. Finally Gracie sees that she has done the wrong thing by her best friends and the implications could be serious. This changes Gracie for the better and sees her take a much healthier view of her relationships as well as of winning and losing.


I did find the school principal’s backflip over allowing Gracie to play in the firsts a little too convenient and expected a large battle of the sexes with accompanying media coverage, to no avail.


Again I liked the short and engaging chapters and Crowley’s concentration on Gracie’s voice makes this sequel more successful than its predecessor. The use of quotes from other characters at the beginning of each character gives us an insight into their thoughts without them crowding Gracie’s story. An action packed story with lots of significant time given to the importance of relationships.


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